Monday, March 15, 2010

pretty people speaks pretty ugly

the group of people i hang out with in school=)
hm..what shall i say about him..he's zi ming. my fomer senior

erm, this pretty boy..everyone know who he is already... went out with him two months ago i think... with jessie and roy

me and yee long=)

and met up with my two darlings... miss them to the MAX.... met them i think 3 to 4 weeks ago. LOL.... wanted to post this up earlier... but hmm... didnt have the chance to come online..





THEM.....J,V... loveS
okay.haven't been blogging for such a long time.... like so long..
my blog is so rotten... owh gosh.. how arsefull is that..
anyway... eversince begining of the year. have been out a lot.. and i love it. heh... but im trying my best not to abuse the wider freedom im getting from my parents right now. heee....loving it.. i guess i did something right and im trusted more.that's good then
Aplus plus for me..heh
i have so much to say but yet blank...dont know where to begin with..
let's see.. netball season is up.. and i so want to WIN this year.. i love netball sangat,sangat,sangat=)...
netball improvement last friday..=). 6 goals in 5 minutes=). tee hee

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