Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i dont care..........

you suck. take that.

FOR EVERYTHING'S THAT'S HOLY..... im 16 stop treating me like i dont know my responsibilities.. im not saying im old enough to live by myself... just stop treating me like an effin baby....
i know my responsibilities..
i ve prove to you that i can cope so many many many times....
i've what im suppose to do...
and what did i do wrong ....?...
im doing everything that you want me to do...

it's not that i did it... why are you putting it on me as well?.
stop nagging at me..
i know what im suppose to do... haven t i shown you that?.....
im not the same
im not what you think i will react.. if you actually tried to pay attention.. or even try to be closer... or try to understand me... you wouldnt need me to prove to you till im 40 then only you ll belive me....

is going to church wrong?.
is doing what i want ... wrong?.
is participating in ministries when i still can cope with my studies wrong?.,,,,

i can t live like this.. ive obeyed every word you asked me to do...
it shows no point of doing what s right.... when in the end of the day.. i dont get my part..
it's not like the things i want is whatever bad things a rebellious child would choose or.would want to do.. absolutely nothing about that... and i ve never thought it would be so hard... even with the background i grew up....

the people i should thank God most... that supported me to continue to strive on in the ministry.. is not pathetic right?....

it is

Thursday, June 24, 2010


my babeees=).. loves loves loves=D

chirs,syg,ben,me and joel.
my fav pic.all cause of bryan...

hah.. okay. when was the last post?. few months back??. dang.. this blog is rotting inside out.. hah..
i just wanna say i miss crystaline,shannie and collete... .. my sygs=). heeemiss them seh....
i dont know what to talk here.. it's been so long since i last updated.. shan just nudge me to update my blog.hahaha..
pick a day, pick a second,pick and hour,pick a month,pick a year...
hmmm currently.... have been pratcicing our dance performance with my friends.... practice was till 11 yesterday.. the happy thing about it was we improved. heh... but still alot to touch up.. heh...i hope we dont look that stupid on stage. if not it'll be just an offence clicks.. but you know i know what i mean,,
till then.. i'll update you guys about the next current happenings=).. sorry guys. heh.gtg now. nite,nite=)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i love today=)

vishelle, hannah and me=)... one of the last few pics of the day
theY forced reutens into the girls toilet.. i didnt know until i finished peeing.. that's why im still in shock.. LOL
most pictures are still with hannah,joaane and vicky. will get it from them as soon as possible=)
people who made my day and explained how contented i am now are:
joaane chian,vicky,paul collin,chester and shannie!=)... it's been ages since i last saw them... so im pretty happy about it... and the extras are reutens,hannah and vishelle=). without them.. cs would have been a BORE... HAHAHA....
bumped into gabriel ong.. wah that fella.. can go dating but skipped church this morning.. imagine that.. aih......
and yeah.. according to my own view... ssi band was the best and sdj came as runner up for me during the band performance.. dang. sam could actually sing.. im surprise.. hahah i shouldnt under estimate him anymore.. LOL... sorry. i feel guilty now. heh....
til then.. catch ya later=)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


okay. my plan to go out and catch a movie was succesful.. lol.
went out with izzat at the left and afiq on the right... and ekin...
had a fun time..=).

the plus points. i didnt spent a single cent. that fella(izzat) wont let me pay..
he fed me till i was so full . ate a plate of spegetti and pizza hut..
ate till my stomach was bloated.. met up with some guy from my school "tiger"
i dont remember his real name.. everyone calls him that..
found out he was working at jusco ..
he joined us for lunch..=)

after lunch went to the cinema=).
watch under the mountain.. man the show is worth watching.. seriously...
you,people should try watching it.your money would not be put to waste=)
i like the show,maybe cause of the suspens and the settings.....although the motive in the story was abit .. hmm what word do you call it..
lame?.... in malay we say."merepek"..
ah.. you get what i mean whe you watch the show.

hmm the other pictures are with izzat. will ask him to pass me tho photos soon.. =).

Monday, March 15, 2010

sessions sesssions sesssions

pretty people speaks pretty ugly

the group of people i hang out with in school=)
hm..what shall i say about him..he's zi ming. my fomer senior

erm, this pretty boy..everyone know who he is already... went out with him two months ago i think... with jessie and roy

me and yee long=)

and met up with my two darlings... miss them to the MAX.... met them i think 3 to 4 weeks ago. LOL.... wanted to post this up earlier... but hmm... didnt have the chance to come online..





THEM.....J,V... loveS
okay.haven't been blogging for such a long time.... like so long..
my blog is so rotten... owh gosh.. how arsefull is that..
anyway... eversince begining of the year. have been out a lot.. and i love it. heh... but im trying my best not to abuse the wider freedom im getting from my parents right now. heee....loving it.. i guess i did something right and im trusted more.that's good then
Aplus plus for me..heh
i have so much to say but yet blank...dont know where to begin with..
let's see.. netball season is up.. and i so want to WIN this year.. i love netball sangat,sangat,sangat=)...
netball improvement last friday..=). 6 goals in 5 minutes=). tee hee