Sunday, April 25, 2010

i love today=)

vishelle, hannah and me=)... one of the last few pics of the day
theY forced reutens into the girls toilet.. i didnt know until i finished peeing.. that's why im still in shock.. LOL
most pictures are still with hannah,joaane and vicky. will get it from them as soon as possible=)
people who made my day and explained how contented i am now are:
joaane chian,vicky,paul collin,chester and shannie!=)... it's been ages since i last saw them... so im pretty happy about it... and the extras are reutens,hannah and vishelle=). without them.. cs would have been a BORE... HAHAHA....
bumped into gabriel ong.. wah that fella.. can go dating but skipped church this morning.. imagine that.. aih......
and yeah.. according to my own view... ssi band was the best and sdj came as runner up for me during the band performance.. dang. sam could actually sing.. im surprise.. hahah i shouldnt under estimate him anymore.. LOL... sorry. i feel guilty now. heh....
til then.. catch ya later=)

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