Wednesday, March 17, 2010


okay. my plan to go out and catch a movie was succesful.. lol.
went out with izzat at the left and afiq on the right... and ekin...
had a fun time..=).

the plus points. i didnt spent a single cent. that fella(izzat) wont let me pay..
he fed me till i was so full . ate a plate of spegetti and pizza hut..
ate till my stomach was bloated.. met up with some guy from my school "tiger"
i dont remember his real name.. everyone calls him that..
found out he was working at jusco ..
he joined us for lunch..=)

after lunch went to the cinema=).
watch under the mountain.. man the show is worth watching.. seriously...
you,people should try watching it.your money would not be put to waste=)
i like the show,maybe cause of the suspens and the settings.....although the motive in the story was abit .. hmm what word do you call it..
lame?.... in malay we say."merepek"..
ah.. you get what i mean whe you watch the show.

hmm the other pictures are with izzat. will ask him to pass me tho photos soon.. =).

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